Certificate of Need for Transport

Arizona instituted Certificate of Need (CON) legislation in 1983 and has failed to reevaluate since then. This is unique as many states have no CON regulations for any service, and others have transport regulations in addition to all institutions that offer patient care, including hospitals and private transport companies. In Arizona, the only type of healthcare facility that is required to have a CON is ground ambulatory services, including both public and private services. Providers throughout the state and particularly in rural environments have documented inconsistent and increasing ambulance response times for years, and, although data is hard to document, these extended response times might lead to inequitable health outcomes. By changing regulations around ground transport, we may be able to flatten this disparity, thus improving health outcomes for patients throughout the state.

Rapid Fire Session (2019)

This presentation is for medical professionals and may have content not suitable for minors or non-medical viewers.

The following surgeons presented at the 2019 Rapid Fire Session at the 11th annual Southwest Trauma & Acute Care Symposium on Friday, November 15, 2019: Dr. Nicholas Thiessen – Direct Peritoneal Resuscitation, Dr. Patrick Bosarge – ECMO for Trauma Patients: What’s the Evidence?, Dr. Tom Wertin – Why is C-collar Still a Thing?, and Dr. Ramin Jamshidi – Firearms and Trauma: No Political Drama.

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