Internet Option

Internet Option for Individuals

An exciting new alternative to avoid the expense and time of travel is to attend the symposium via Internet.  You get BOTH the live event (Simulcast) and taped option (“Video On Demand”) for one low price! Available world-wide and in an easily-viewable format, you may select this low-cost option to see and hear everything at the conference, as it happens (Simulcast) or up to 30 days later (“Video On Demand”), from the comfort of your home or office. This option is available in the United States and world-wide EXCEPT to residents of metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.

The individual internet option for those residing outside the United States is discounted to encourage world-wide participation in this exciting new way of learning the latest in trauma. Internet participants who wish to view this symposium from countries designated by the United Nations as Low-Income Economies, may do so for NO CHARGE. This FREE option is also available to all active-duty U.S. military personnel serving ABROAD at the time of the conference.

There is no need for special equipment to view the web-based version of the event. For more details, contact our office at 602-933-4060 or email us at

For more details select the options below:

Join the live simulcast DEMO. Date and time for 2021 is to be determined.

Internet Option for Groups

An exciting new alternative to avoid the expense and time of travel is to attend the symposium live via the Internet as either an individual (see above) or in a group format. By purchasing a group registration, a hospital can show the Arizona Trauma Association’s Symposium live in a conference room or auditorium. The number of people to view the Symposium at your institution is limited only to those that you can fit into your viewing room! Anyone that attends and watches the Symposium at your institution may obtain available CME at no additional cost!* This is a perfect opportunity to add CME to your hospital’s requirements for education!! This option is not available to hospitals within metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.

*This program is not yet approved for CME credit.

The group registration price is $2,000 for a Level I Trauma Center or $1,000 for all other types of hospitals. This price is all inclusive:

  • Broadcast the entire Symposium live in one location
  • Broadcast the entire Symposium in “Video on Demand” format (taped) up to 30 days after the Symposium – so you can watch it whenever you like!
  • Participate in the discussion live via our chat system
  • Anyone viewing the Symposium from the hospital may obtain CEs at no additional cost

For more information and to obtain group registration information, please e-mail us at or call 602-933-4060. If you are ready to register your group, you can do so online by visiting our Group Simulcast Registration. After your hospital has paid, you will have access to the live simulcast as well as video on demand.

Some key points:

  • You will be able to watch the Simulcast from ONE location at your facility.
  • You will access the Simulcast with the e-mail address provided to us as the site coordinate/administrator for your facility.
  • As many people that can fit into your conference room can obtain CE.
  • Attendees requesting CEs must ensure they are listed on their site’s daily attendance sheet data sheet. Each site will designate a coordinator who is responsibly for tracking ALL attendance for the event. Each attendee will receive instructions on how to apply for their CEs directly from us.  We will provide the attendance tracking data sheet to your site prior to the live event.

For more details select the options below:

Join the live simulcast DEMO. Date and time for 2021 testing is TBD.

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