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FAQs About Tackle Trauma ™

What is the Arizona Trauma Association? Arizona Trauma Association (AzTA) is a nonprofit organization started in 2007 as a multidisciplinary, trauma collaborative for Arizona healthcare providers and organizational leaders that improves care for injured patients through education, advocacy, prevention, and research. We aspire to be an influential trauma collaborative for the continuous improvement of the delivery of care for injured patients within Arizona. Our mission directly benefits hospitals, organizations, and providers – who we recruit as members – and our ultimate beneficiaries are injured patients – who are impacted by AzTA’s continuous improvement of trauma care. The organization is characterized by our core values of leadership, shared expertise, and collaboration.

What is Tackle Trauma?

Straight Outta Quarantine 5K Run presented by the Arizona Trauma Association‘s Tackle Trauma (TM) is the premier race and fundraiser experience for individuals looking to support trauma care. This year‘s race will have a dual focus, as COVID-19 has changed the landscape for all first responders and hospital trauma personnel. In years past, our focus has been solely on trauma — Traumatic injuries are the leading cause of death for all children and adults up to age 46. But this year, the public health need is also to “Tackle COVID-19” through increased vaccination. The prevalence of trauma in our state did not decrease during Quarantine, remaining at 6.27 per 1000 Arizonans. And the trauma community continued to do its important work every day Now, most healthcare workers are vaccinated, but it is important for every eligible person to get a vaccine for us to move beyond Quarantine and into the reopening phase of this pandemic. Please contact us at tackletrauma@arizonatrauma.org if you have any questions!

Who is affected by trauma? Traumatic injury is the leading cause of death for all children and adults up to age 46! Whether it’s a car crash or a fall from a ladder, countless people and their families are affected by trauma. All verified trauma centers are held to the highest standards of care and must also provide certain programs within their hospital and to their communities in order to maintain their verification status.  Receiving care from a trauma center can significantly lower the risk of death.

Thank you for your support as we continue our mission to improve the delivery of healthcare in Arizona!

Fundraising Co-Chair, Alicia Mangram, MD
Fundraising Co-Chair, Gina Shirah, MD

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    The Arizona Trauma Association (AzTA) was started by a group of surgeons in 2007 to improve the delivery of health care to injured patients throughout the state of Arizona by supporting collaborative research, education and outreach activities of trauma centers in the state of Arizona.

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